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Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy: Beating Withdrawal


The first day after you quit smoking, as the nicotine leaves your body, you're likely to notice symptoms of withdrawal. These are signs of your body recovering from smoking. For some people, withdrawal is mild. Others have a harder time. In any case, withdrawal should begin to lessen after the first few days. Use the Four D's listed below to beat withdrawal.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are:

Snacking more

Getting headaches

Having trouble sleeping

Feeling low on energy

Feeling cranky or restless

Use the Four D's

Withdrawal symptoms and smoking urges are strongest the first few days. Use the Four D's below to help when you crave a smoke.


Inhale through your nose. Try to feel as if you are breathing into your stomach. Then slowly exhale all the air through your mouth. Repeat this 4 to 5 times. This can help calm the urge to smoke.

Drink Water

This keeps your mouth fresh and flushes nicotine from your body.

Do Something

File your nails. Learn a nursery rhyme. Write a note to a friend.


Put off smoking. The urge to smoke lasts only 3 to 5 minutes.


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